The weekly meal is held on Wednesdays at the well-known Leicester market at 7PM every week of the year. The meal was originally set up by Mohammed Fahim who started it in 2015 as a supporting branch to the clothing donation programme we were running on the streets. He set up One Love – Leicester and up until 2017 was doing a great job but unfortunately has had to leave Leicester. So we at HTH have taken over the running of the weekly event.

We are lucky to have great support for the weekly feed as we can sometimes get over 100 people in attendance. Not all the people attending maybe homeless, but all are in need for various reasons, such as struggling financially, socially or other.

We have upto 25 active volunteers who attend to ensure the smooth running of the event weekly. Our meal includes - a dedicated temple who provide fresh rice and vegetarian curry every week, a band of voluntary cooks who provide a side dish alternative on a rota system every week incl meat/poultry and a lovely chap who works at a sandwich factory and is kind enough to bring any surplus down to the meal weekly.

We also collect leftover products from 5 local Greggs Stores so have plenty of sandwiches, pasties, pastries, doughnuts and other goodies.

In addition to this we have an abundance of snacks, flapjacks, peanuts, crisps, chocolates etc. that are donated to us by individuals, companies such as Cofresh and other charity groups too. Soft drinks are donated to us as well as hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate via pump flasks filled at The Corn Exchange pub on the market.



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