We have been active in this field since 2014 and have clothed and provided material aid for hundreds of rough sleepers and homeless, not just Leicester but London as well. We began by taking aid out on the streets in full suitcases but after the weekly feed started, we then made it into an all in one event.

We collect used warm clothing in good condition from our members and other members of the public and distribute these at the weekly feed on the market or as required. It is mainly men’s items we use, e.g. t-shirts, jumpers and jackets to jeans, trackies and socks. We only accept NEW underwear, Used trainers and shoes are also accepted.

We are very lucky to have found a great charity called socksandchocs.co.uk who firmly believe in us here at HTH and are have kindly allowed us to order new items online which they fund and have delivered to us, e.g. new walking boots, sleeping bags, ground sheets and other items as and when we need them.



ACC NO: 74730593
SORT CODE: 40 28 06
PayPal details are: hthleicester@gmail.com