Hi guys, I’m Arif Voraji, aka Jedsy.

I started by sourcing a bulk of 20 pairs of jeans off eBay and got some old coats and socks and put them in the boot of my car and hit town with two friends. I started help the homeless in 2014 after seeing a friend in Bolton, Billa Ahmed who used to take used clothing items and distribute to the homeless and needy on the streets. I saw this and it inspired me as it was so simple because everyone has some item of used clothing that they can donate to a needy person.

In short we aim to offer a 360-degree strategy for all rough sleepers in our city and then beyond as the model becomes clearer. Moving forward and with the assistance of Corrie Moulds and Vanessa Ghelani who bring a whole new avenue to HTH we are aiming to make change lives of people we can work with in rough sleeper community.

Over the years I’ve always stayed in contact and done as much as I can without biting off more than I chew hence why I feel I am still here after 4 years where many have come, and then fizzled out.

The weekly One love Leicester feed is established as well as clothing and material aid that also is available at the feeds but now we are actively working with rough sleepers who are ‘willing’ and manageable and ensuring all benefits are being claimed that they may be entitled to as well as sorting out housing and after care support. We took pics and vids of this, with permission of course and shared these amongst friends on Facebook etc who in turn did the same and the vids went viral and so did the number of members on the Facebook page.



ACC NO: 74730593
SORT CODE: 40 28 06
PayPal details are: hthleicester@gmail.com